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5 Pro-tips to rock the saree look this summer

Updated: May 5

Some top saree styling trends to watch out for and to prepare your Summer wardrobe

(Image: The Loom Studio)

“Is your saree closet ready to beat the heat during the upcoming summer season? Well if not, nothing to worry. Just read on to find some latest trends & interesting tips that will help prepare your wardrobe just in time”

Summer is just round the corner, and it can be a hard season to dress for. As the number of layers worn get reduced, so do the choices of attire to curate your style. What’s even more complicated is the scorching heat and humidity one must deal with during the shiny summer days. The evenings are no better either in the subcontinent weather which leaves one craving for more options to wear during those casual outings or some cozy gatherings.

It is even more difficult for saree lovers and enthusiasts who have to constantly juggle between managing the menace of the difficult weather and the glam-quotient of their summery look. Sarees can be quite a tricky attire for summer in the sense that one needs to choose the right combination of breathable material, suave colors and smart accessories that go in tune with the conditions.

So, here are some time-tested pro tips to help you to ready your saree closet for the approaching summer.

# Pro-Tip 1: Prioritize comfort in Summer

For choosing your wardrobe for Summer, it is paramount to prioritize comfort above anything else. This is something where one can’t afford to go wrong. One must avoid selecting sarees in heavier and opaque materials that barely allow breathability or are too thick that will leave you all sweaty and mushy!

(Image: The Loom Studio)

On the contrary, one should look for flowy and sheer material that allows for air movement to keep you cool and are so light & flowy that you do not feel the need to manage them very often. One should always look to choose from loose weaves and natural fiber. Some go-to saree materials to beat the upcoming summer heat are:

  • Pure cotton

  • Linen

  • Mul Cotton

  • Organza

  • Khadi Cotton

  • Soft Georgette / Chiffon

# Pro-Tip 2: Add refreshing summery shades in your closet

Colors can add a great flavor to your style and can step up your mood and comfort level. They are also one of the key determinants while choosing your Summer wardrobe as each hue have different effect and attributes under sun and every color may not be summer-worthy.

While it is well known fact that pastel shades in any color are good choice for hot weather, do you know that you can also go for darker shades in summer provided they have the right mix of fabric comfort and airy weaves. So, while whites, creams, turquoises, yellows and pinks are the timeless color choices for summer, you can still go for that stunning Black or Grey shade or a Dark Blue if the saree you choose is made in a flowy and sheer material like Organza, Mul Cotton or Linen.

Here are our top color picks for upcoming season Fashion palette

  • Light shades: White, Cream, Off-white

  • Yellow shades: Pastel Yellow, Sunflower Yellow, Lemon Yellow and any Yellow with Green tint

  • Purple shades: Lavender, Mauve, Lilac, Pale Purple

  • Blue shades: Indigo, Turquoise, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue

  • Green shades: Lime Green, Olive and other pastel Greens

  • Pink shades: Orange, Rust, Peach, Maroon

Summer is a great time to explore those cool prints and vibrant dyed patterns. Be it suave hand-block prints or splashy tie and dye designs there are so many options you can choose from for your chic summer wardrobe!

Bonus Tip: Choose those dual tone sarees in Mul Cotton to look dapper for your summer evenings

# Pro-Tip 3: Drape differently

Saree has transcended the boundaries of a traditional draping style. Glam up your style quotient and customize your saree wearing styles according to the theme, ambience, occasion be it your workplace, a casual outing, or a wedding party. It’s time to make it look sassy and classy at the same time. Gone are the days when people used to consider flaunting sarees only for those special events. Saree can indeed be one of those comfortable outfit if you know the trick of picking the right draping style & fabric as per the occasion. Keep your drape in place by clinching it all together with a stylish belt.

Belt styling
Belt up your drape & give it a shape!

(Image Source: The Loom Studio)

Here are some bold & in-trend draping suggestions from our pro-stylists to explore the versatility of saree this summer

Drape styles illustrated: Pallu in front or Bengali style draping or drape over a pair of Jeans

Styling & Concept: The Loom Studio

# Pro-Tip 4: Accessorize smartly

Cool accessories are a great way to notch up your nonchalant summer look. Choosing right set of accessories for summer is the trick one needs to master to ensure the overall persona is not too overwhelming nor it is under. Be it a set of lightweight jewellery or a colorful handbag or any other accessory, ‘Go Minimal’ should be the mantra.

Have you ever tried wearing your saree with sneakers or a pair of boots? Give it a try and experience the charm of this bold style statement. Fusion of a contemporary drape and sneakers is a massive hit even amongst saree enthusiasts & celebrities.

(Images only for illustration; Source (left to right): Instagram, Pinkvilla)

Here are our top accessories recommendations for your upcoming summer look

  • Boot it or Sneak it!

  • Choose Fabric and other lightweight tassel earring, oxidized silver or wooden ornaments, terracotta, multicolored beaded neckpieces in jewelry

  • Go minimal & don’t restrict yourself from mixing it up!

  • Try a crotchet slinger or handbag in bright color that complements your saree

  • Wear what you are comfortable with. Express yourself!

  • Add colors in your accessories too.

Boot it or Sneak it
Boot it or Sneak it

(Image Source: The Loom Studio)

# Pro-Tip 5: Try out unique Blouse designs

Blouses have been a vital part of the overall Saree look over the years. The right choice of blouse silhouette and design can elevate the outfit greatly. Traditionally, a matching pair of blouse has always been a go-to style statement to embrace the look of your saree. However, the idea of incorporating more liberating and bold blouse designs has always been a trend one can’t ignore.

(Image Source: The Loom Studio)

So below are our suggested blouse styling tips to compliment your summer drape in Summer 2023:

  • Mix it up to add contrast- In case of solid monochrome cotton saree opt for summery quirky prints or a smart checkered pattern or a kalamkari or an ikat matching blouse. Mix matching solid monochrome plain blouse with printed saree will embrace the look of your saree and never goes out of trend.

  • Explore embroidery - Even embroidered designer blouses with minimalist floral motifs on one side or the neckline or even at the back can amp up your subtle look.

  • Go casual - You can even pair it with t-shirts or crop tops to create your unique style.

  • Explore unique necklines- A sleeveless high neck or a bell sleeve or a simple sweetheart neck design or a collar neck or a boat neck blouse looks amazingly stylish and chic which are in high trend. Recent trends spotted also encourage to go for bow-tie style neckline, ruffled border & bell sleeves

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