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    Ajrakh Silk Sarees & Dresses

    History of Traditional Ajrakh Silk Sarees & Dresses in India dates back ages

    Ajrakh is a special hand-block printing technique dating as long back as the Indus Valley Civilization and has its roots in the Kutch, Barmer and Sindh region. The artform is a unique, naturally environment-friendly and painstaking craft which uses natural dyes, special treatment steps and iterative printing, dyeing and washing process before acquiring its final poise. Ajrakh craft has faced many problems in recent times like high cost of block-making, crunch of water resources, waning craftsmen due to lack of payback and acceptance of synthetic dyed variants in the market. Despite all this hardship the craft has been able to rebloom. 
    If you are looking to buy Ajrakh Silk Saree Online in India or Ajrakh Kaftans, you need to look no further than The Loom Studio. Our Ajrakh collection is another gem from our hand-crafted range of products. We, at The Loom Studio celebrate the resurgence of this timeless and elegant hand-block printing craft in our ‘Ajrakh Royale’ collection, which is a tribute to the work of our magical #Kaarigari.
    Discover a wide range of Ajrakh products like  Ajrakh Silk Sarees, Kaftans & Skirts, to add a touch of traditional elegance to your wardrobe. Explore our collection of ajrakh sarees online today.

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