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Kaarigari”, or artisanship is what we believe is in the core of our work. In every product that you explore on our website is a painstaking effort and immaculate skills of our magical craftsmen family. Some of these artworks are centuries old and have traversed through various strata of time and socio-cultural ethos before they transformed into what we see them today.

Each of the ‘Kaarigari’ have a different story to tell and take you back on a journey of time where they belong. Our embroideries, royal-looking prints like Ajrakh, Bandhej, hand block work, etc. are a few names. You will also experience a stark recipe of belongingness to tribal and folk culture in our collections and workmanship.

We owe our success stories to our passionate craftsmen family and we believe you will also love their art.

As some one said and we believe

Trust in the Magic flowing through your soul to your hands!

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