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Welcome to The Loom Studio!

We believe in creating stories with every six yards of pure elegance!


Who we are

The Loom Studio is an Indian brand for Women Ethnic Clothing and Lifestyle products. We primarily offer various handcrafted range created by local artisans across the country. We work very closely with the artisan community and provide a platform to bring the fruits of the magical Indian craftmanship directly to your closet.


How it all began

The Loom Studio began as an idea in the year 2018 to explore our rich and diverse art heritage in fashion and lifestyle domain. Our founder Pritha started on this mission to deep dive into the various gems of artistry and hubs of craftsmanship that are rooted deep inside our local communities.


We started to build our artisan community and are continuously working towards bringing their artistry closer to the larger societies that dwell beyond the boundaries of the local art community.


What is our mission

We find our motivation from these empowered and skilled artisans and we strive to create a holistic ecosystem where fusion of Indian artistry and fashion can take center stage, yet at the same time the magicians of the crafts get their due recognition and respect for their work. We celebrate the spirit of “Think Global, Support Local

All our designs are a creative blend of traditional yet contemporary and mindful fashion and offer you multitude of ways in which you can style them in your routine schedule or on your special day.


Our Social responsibility and commitment

We firmly believe there is so much to give and learn from our beautiful artisan family. We strive to bring joy to our customer’s life when they adorn themselves with our products. We want our customers experience the same love with which each of our attire is crafted by our meticulous artisans.


We also stand to support our extended artisan community to rediscover their artform by cross-pollinating their skills and ideas with artwork that exist outside their geography and create a fusion of innovation and diversification.

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