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All you need to know about Mul Cotton sarees

Updated: May 5

Some interesting facts about the Mul Cotton sarees including pro-tips for wash and care

(Image: The Loom Studio)

Mulmul or Mul cotton is an ultra-soft, breathable, and delicate handwoven cotton fabric in plain weave technique. Due to longer fiber length, tighter spinning and loose weaving the mulmul fabric is extremely lightweight, sheer, breathable & durable in nature. It is one of the finest contributions of India to the world of fashion.

Mul cotton Jamdani is another form of this super-fine fabric which is extremely popular around the world. The weaving technique itself is called Dhakai Jamdani weave, in which the weavers use Discontinuous Weft technique. This means 2 layers of weft thread are used in different shuttles – one very fine weft to hold the weave together and second to make the intricate Jamdani patterns. Each Mulmul Jamdani pattern is an intricate interweaving of warps and multiple discontinuous wefts all done entirely by hand on the loom, without using any mechanical aid.

Mulmul ruled the world

The Mulmul fabric has been at the centre-stage of fashion alleys for a very long time and you can find it’s mention in various historical literatures from Europe, China, Arab & Asia. In the British period mulmul fabric woven in Bengal region in India was one of the prized exports to European region of England & Scotland. Infact, at one time the British regime imposed many sanctions & policies to discourage its domestic trade to make it easier to export to European markets.

“Do you know historically Mul cotton was once a luxury fabric worth the same as Gold and was one of the most expensive traded item around the world”

(Image: The Loom Studio)

So what is Mulmul?

It must be noted that not all Mulmul are made of 100% cotton. While cotton is a type of fiber, mulmul is a type of weave or fabric. Mulmul has a special ability to quickly absorb moisture which helps for better dye intake and printing. Mulmul also gets sturdier, softer and more stretchable when it absorbs moisture or is handwashed. Infact, many weavers used to weave mulmul during monsoons to allow for more moisture into the fabric to ensure lesser breakage during the weaving process.

“Some forms of Mulmul can be made by incorporating alternate fibers like silk and viscose. Such additional fibers add more character to the base cotton mulmul fabric in terms of sheen, strength and durability”

Expert Wash and Care tips for your Mul Cotton sarees

Mulmul is a great choice for summer outfits and sarees due to its supremely light, feathery soft and easy-breezy character. Caring a mulmul is really easy and does not involve any tedious efforts. Below are some useful tips for how you can wash and care for your favourite mulmul saree or outfit:

  • The best way to care for your mulmul outfit is to handwash gently in cold water with less & softer detergents. For best results, wash separately or with like-colored clothes

  • They can be machine washed too! Just select a gentle wash cycle in cold wash mode. Use small quantity of mild detergents

  • Avoid hot water wash as hot water opens up the Mulmul fibers and this tends to color bleeding

#Pro-Tip: For the first time washing, you can soak a dyed or printed Mulmul fabric into cold water mixed with 2 tablespoon of salt and half a cup of distilled white vinegar to help set the colors and avoid color bleeding. Do not soak for a long time though (less than 20-30 minutes) to preserve the core strength of the Mulmul fabric
  • Avoid soaking for too long as it may add to shrinkage or loss of strength

  • Hang to air-dry in shade. Avoid drying in excessive sun. Tumble dry is not recommended but can be done at low cycles.

  • Do not wring the fabric while washing

  • Remove from drying before they are completely dry in order to trap some moisture inside the fibers and maintain its softness and durability

  • Use Warm or Steam Iron only and avoid hot temperatures as Mulmul tends to tear under high heat. Sprinkle some water to reduce ironing temperatures

  • Do not starch your Mulmul attire to preserve its flowy nature

  • If you have a heavily embellished Mulmul saree or outfit, go for dry cleaning

Mulmul is a go-to fabric for the fashionistas and women of all ages due to its versatile and handy nature. It is like a blank canvas which is an inspiration for every fashion artist who can paint their creative interpretations in the form of artistic dyeing techniques to hand-block prints to hand crafts like piping and sequin work and many more. The simplistic and suave character of Mulmul allows for vivid to somber styling which suits the taste of fashion-lovers across all age and demographics.

What’s more, it is a truly eco-friendly fabric as well!

Forever Mulmul by The Loom Studio

We cherish the nonchalant yet bold charisma of the easy-breezy Mulmul in our Forever Mulmul range. Our Mulmul products are intricately crafted by skilled artisans and are truly fashionable to the liking of all fashion lovers. Check out our latest collection of Mulmul products to prepare your Summer wardrobe with great collection of Mulmul sarees and more.

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