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Roseate Treasure Pure Handwoven Cotton Begumpuri Saree

SKU: 18092023-11
  • Begumpuri is a village located in the Hooghly district of West Bengal, India. It is renowned for its handwoven sarees, particularly the Begumpuri sarees. The specialty of Begumpuri sarees lies in their pure cotton fabric, handwoven craftsmanship, butti patterns, and versatile appeal. These sarees represent a blend of tradition, comfort, and elegance, making them highly valued in the world of Indian textiles. Begumpuri sarees are typically made from natural cotton fibers, which are biodegradable and environmentally friendly. They are a sustainable choice compared to synthetic fabrics, contributing to eco-conscious fashion. Purchasing these sarees supports the livelihoods of these artisans and helps preserve a rich cultural heritage.
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