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Madhvi Handloom Cotton Needle Jamdani Saree

SKU: 25042023-18
  • Jamdani is referred to as extra weft ornamentation, on loom embroidery or discontinuous weft. The artistic motifs are developed on graph paper & placed underneath the warp. Needle jamdani is a type of handloom textile that is known for its intricate patterns and design. Its a painstaking process where a skilled artisan works the on loom embroidery using needles or extra weft shuttles, creating each individual motif. The weaver uses a fine pointed needle, typically made of brass or stainless steel, to weave the pattern into the fabric. The weft, which is the horizontal set of threads that passes over and under the warp threads, is used to create the pattern by carefully inserting the needle through the warp threads and pulling it back to create the design. This process requires great skill and precision, as the weaver needs to follow the marked design closely to create the intricate patterns characteristic of needle jamdani.

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